LGBTQ immigrants have rights, but there are issues to keep in mind


As a proud member of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Soberalski Immigration Law is dedicated to providing high quality, diligent service to all of our clients, including LGBTQ immigrants. While immigrants within LGBTQ communities haveby law exactly the same rights and responsibilities as all non-citizens, we would like to cover some special considerations that LGBTQ immigrants may need to keep in mind.

As of now, same-sex marriages are legal in every U.S. state, and so as far as immigration law is concerned these marriages are just as valid as what some consider “traditional” marriage. This is great news for immigrants seeking a path to status, such as a visa or green card, through their same-sex citizen or legal permanent resident spouse. Soberalski Immigration Law would be happy to provide such services.

U Visas for victims of certain crimes, T Visas for victims of human trafficking, and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) protections for victims of domestic violence are all available options for immigrants, and it is possible LGBTQ persons can be protected from deportation proceedings and even gain an Employment Authorization Document if these options apply. Likewise, immigrants may be entitled to asylum rights if they face persecution in their home country.

Soberalski Immigration Law highly recommends consulting an attorney to find out about any of these options and if they apply to your situation. Attorney Soberalski and her staff are proud to help immigrants from all walks of life. Please call our office at 1-414-533-5000 to make an appointment.

And for more information pertaining to LGBTQ immigrants, including those already facing detention or removal proceedings, please click here and download the informational pdf file: