Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez has convinced her network to give a full scholarship to an undocumented student


At the request of actress Gina Rodriguez, star of Jane the Virgin and the upcoming Carmen Sandiego reboot, The CW has agreed to allow her 2018 Emmy campaign money to fund a full four-year scholarship of an undocumented Latina student who was recently accepted to Princeton University. Rodriguez has been known for her philanthropic causes such as anti-bullying, as well as her support and outreach to the Latinx community.

Rodriguez won the Golden Globe for her role as Jane in 2015, but so far she has never been nominated for an Emmy. Traditionally, studios may spend small fortunes on “For Your Consideration” campaigns to catch the eye of the Television Academy and encourage nominations. This year, instead of using that money to promote herself and the show, Rodriguez is donating it to fully cover tuition for an undocumented student. She partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles to find the recipient, and hopes to “inspire other people to do something similar.”

At Soberalski Immigration Law, we serve documented and undocumented immigrants alike who seek to create a better future. Every day we see firsthand how hard immigrants work to make life better for themselves and their families, and we know what they contribute to our society, from blue collar labor to co-founding companies like eBay and Google. That’s why we so appreciate it when we see the public figures we admire also recognize that fact.

 To read further about Ms. Rodriguez’s good deed, please see: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/gina-rodriguez-undocumented-student-college-princeton_us_5b293e54e4b0a4dc992176a4