Marquette University Law School compiles a list of Rising Stars


Marquette University Law School, where Attorney Soberalski earned her law degree as part of the Class of 2012, has made a strong effort in recent years to shine a light on the virtue of diversity. Every year, students and alumni of diverse backgrounds contribute to the school’s reputation for academic rigor and its ever-growing breadth of intellectual perspective.

This year, MULS has decided to highlight several alumni as “Rising Stars” for their dedication to justice and exceptional service to clients and community. Those of us on Soberalski Immigration Law’s staff are proud to say that our very own Attorney Melissa Soberalski is among those Rising Stars! As MULS puts it, Attorney Soberalski “proudly fights every day to keep immigrant families together from around the globe.”

We are witness to this fight every day, and couldn’t agree more with Attorney Soberalski’s inclusion. To see the list, including her entry, please follow this link: