A new policy affects requirements for many family-based petitioners and joint sponsors


Certain kinds of immigration processes, including family-based immigration, require petitioners to submit an Affidavit of Support. In some cases, a joint sponsor will also need to submit this affidavit, which is usually a combination of a USCIS Form I-864 (or variant) and supporting financial documents. New federal rules now require that all Affidavits of Support include a specific kind of evidence called a tax transcript, which is an official summary of key federal tax information issued by the IRS. As of this change, copies of tax return forms with W-2s will not be sufficient evidence.

The purpose of an Affidavit of Support, whether from a petitioner or a joint sponsor, is to assure the United States that an intending immigrant will not become a financial burden on the state. It is essentially a contract with the government that one or more people will be financially responsible for the immigrant. Affidavits are submitted during certain steps of the immigration process, and are necessary for both Consular Processing and Adjustment of Status.

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