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Family-Based Immigration + Waivers

Family forms the bedrock of any strong society. We fight to keep families together, as well as to reunite those who have been separated due to immigration issues.  We also recognize that the United States abounds with opportunities and that many families are seeking legal ways to reside here.  Therefore, we proudly offer a variety of avenues for our clients to achieve their immigration goals through:

  • Family Petitions

  • Fiancé(e) Petitions

  • Consular Processing

  • Waivers of Inadmissibility

  • Permanent Residence (“Adjustment of Status”)


Family Petitions

Soberalski Immigration Law specializes in family-based petitions. If you are a U.S. citizen wishing to sponsor your foreign-born husband or wife for a U.S. green card (lawful permanent residence), you must initiate the application process by filing a petition on Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative).

If your spouse is currently overseas, then he or she will only be able to move forward with the green card application after the I-130 is approved.  

This procedure is called “consular processing,” and we have assisted hundreds of clients in doing this.

If your foreign-born spouse is already in the U.S. after a legal entry, he or she may be eligible to “adjust status” (apply for the green card) at a USCIS office without leaving the U.S. Please note, however, that physical presence in the U.S. is not enough by itself to make an immigrant eligible to adjust status. If, for example, your spouse entered the U.S. illegally, it is likely that he or she is not eligible to adjust status, and may need a waiver of past unlawful presence as well.

We have the knowledge and experience to advise you as to the particulars of your case when you become a client of Soberalski Immigration Law.



A waiver of inadmissibility is a mechanism through which a client may ask the United States government to forgive or overlook the fact that - for health, criminal, security, financial, or other reasons - that client is currently ineligible for a United States green card. Soberalski Immigration Law often assist clients in obtaining these waivers to help them obtain legal residence in the United States.

If you suspect that you may need a waiver, it is best to seek professional guidance.

This particular area of immigration law is complex and involves much more than simply filling out a form and sending it in with a cover letter.

A successful waiver tells your family narrative; this is persuasive legal writing at its finest. We can help you prepare this critical document, which needs to highlight the different scenario for your family if the waiver is granted vs. the outcome for your family if it is denied. These scenarios will lay out who would suffer extreme hardship if the whole family were to move together to the immigrant’s home country, and who would suffer extreme hardship if the immigrant were to move to the home country alone. It is crucial that this document is prepared in such a way that the decision makers will fully understand how the outcome of your case will affect your family.

Soberalski Immigration Law engages in lengthy meetings with both the U.S. citizen/permanent resident petitioner and the intending immigrant (or “beneficiary”) to determine whether the beneficiary meets the basic criteria for a waiver (for example, has “qualifying relatives” in the U.S.).

Additionally, we assist both parties in writing relevant, detailed statements concerning the hardship that the qualifying relative will face, compiling a list of relevant documents that will support the client’s arguments, researching country conditions, and preparing the legal arguments to support a waiver. As a result, Soberalski Immigration Law has a near-perfect track record in obtaining successful waivers for its clients. In fact, the Firm takes special pride in our record of accepting previously-denied waiver cases prepared by other organizations and turning them into successful applications.

Don’t leave your family’s future in the hands of just any legal team.  Allow Soberalski Immigration Law to put our years of expertise to work for you!


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